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In Press

Emma Lawton, Eric Brymer and Peter Clough Nature relatedness as a possible mediator for the beneficial effects of green exercise,

HP Yeh, JA Stone, SM Churchill, E Brymer and K Davids Physical and emotional benefits of different exercise environment for treadmill running.

Tuomas Immonen, Eric Brymer, Dominic Orth, Keith Davids, Francesco Feletti, Jarmo Liukkonen, Timo Jaakkola Understanding action and adventure sports participation – An ecological dynamics perspective.

Peacock, S., Brymer, E., Davids, K., Dillon, M. An ecological perspective on Adventure Tourism.

Dr Danielle F. Shanahan, A/Professor Thomas Astell-Burt, Ms Elizabeth A. Barber, Dr Eric Brymer et al. Nature-based interventions for improving health and wellbeing: current state of knowledge.

Cedric Arijs, Stiliani “Ani” Chroni, Eric Brymer, David Carless. Leave your ego at the door’: A narrative investigation into effective wingsuit flying.

Francesco Feletti, Andrea Aliverti, Maggie Henjum, Marco Tarabini, Eric Brymer. Accidents and injuries in foot launched flying extreme sports: a snap shot from the UK.

Sharma-Brymer, V., Gray, T., Brymer, E. Adventure sports as a medium for the development of sustainable practices. In Sports and Sustainability, Routledge.

Brymer, E and Schweitzer, R. Phenomenology and the extreme sports experience, Routledge.

Brymer, E, & Schweitzer, R, D. Evoking the Ineffable: The phenomenology of extreme sports, Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research, and Practice (APA)

Peer reviewed journal articles

Brymer E and Davids K, (2016) Designing environments to enhance physical activity and psychological wellbeing. Sports Medicine, 46(7), 925-926 (IF 5.5)

Keith Davids, Duarte Araujo & Eric Brymer. (2016) Designing affordances for physical activity: An ecological dynamics perspective. Sports Medicine 46(7), 933-938 (IF 5.5)

Peter Clough, Susan Houge McKenzie, Elizabeth Mallabon and Eric Brymer. (2016) Adventurous Physical Activity Environments: A Mainstream Intervention for Mental Health, Sports Medicine (IF 5.5)

Y. Hsiaopu., J. A. Stone., S. Churchill, J. Wheat, K. Davids & E. Brymer. (2016) Physical, psychological and emotional benefits of green exercise: an ecological dynamics perspective, Sports Medicine (IF 5.5)

Martyn P. and Brymer E. (2016) The relationship between nature relatedness and anxiety. Journal of Health Psychology, 21 (7) 1436-1445 (Impact Factor: 1.826 | Ranking: Psychology, Clinical 50 out of 111 | 5-Year Impact Factor:2.175 | 5-Year Ranking: Psychology, Clinical 49 out of 111)

Sharma-Brymer, V, Brymer, E, Davids, K., (2015). The relationship between physical activity in green space and human health: An Ecological Dynamics perspective. Journal of Physical Education Research (IF 0.519)

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Faisal Barwais, Tom Cuddihy, Tracy Washington, L. Michaud Tomson and Eric Brymer, (2014) Development and Validation of a New Self-Report Instrument for Measuring Sedentary Behaviors in Adults. Journal of Physical Activity and Health (IF1.95; rank 30/116 in public, environmental & occupational health).

Brymer, E. & Schweitzer, R. (2013) The Search for Freedom in Extreme Sports: A Phenomenological Exploration. Psychology of Sport & Exercise, 14, 6, 865-873 (IF 2.43)

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Brymer, E. and Davids, K. (2012) Ecological psychology as a theoretical framework for development of sustainable behaviours towards the environment. Journal of Environmental Education Research. (IF: 1.295; Ranking: top quartile in Education & Educational Research).

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Brymer, E., Gray, T., Cotton, W. and Carpenter, C., (2010) Profiling Outdoor Leadership, The Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership 2(1), 93-108 (No IF – downloaded 148 times in 2011) (No IF – recently joined in 2012)

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Brymer, G.E. (2002). Exploring expedition research methodology: A personal reflection. Australian Journal of Outdoor Education. 6, 2, 44-57 (No IF)

Books, edited manuscripts and related publications

Brymer, E. and Washington, T. (2014) Fitness Health and Wellness. McGraw Hill

Brymer, E. (Author), & Nielson, J. (Producer) (2012) Transcendence. Southern Underground Productions, New Zealand.

Cuddihy, T.F. and Brymer, E. (Eds.) (2009) Creating Active Futures: Edited Proceedings of the 26th ACHPER International Conference, 7-10 July2009, Brisbane, Australia

Brymer, E., Hughes, T., & Collins, L. (2000). The Art of Freestyle, Wales: Pesda Press.

Book chapters and related publications

Seifert, Brymer, Orth and Davids (2016) Ecological dynamics approach of motor control & learning in extreme sports, Felletti (Ed.) Extreme Sports Medicine, Springer (p 365-383)

Brymer and Houge Mackenzie, (2016) Psychology and the Extreme Sport Experience, In Felletti (Ed.) Extreme Sports Medicine, Springer (p. 3-14)

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Reilly, T., Brymer, E., & Townend, M.S. (1993). An ergonomic evaluation of boardsailing harnesses. In E. J. Lovesey Ed. Ergonomics and Energy. London, Taylor and Francis.

Peer reviewed conference papers

HsiaoPu Yeh, Joseph A Stone, Sarah M Churchill, Eric Brymer, Keith Davids (2016) Designing physical activity environments to accrue physical and psychological effects. 11th conference of the International Sports Engineering Association, ISEA 2016. Procedia Engineering 00 (2016) 000–000, Elsevier

Lacaze, A-M, & Brymer, E (2014) Burnout, Wellness and the Natural World 15th International Mental Health Conference, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast (QLD), 25 – 27 August 2014

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Brymer, E., Sharma-Brymer, V (2012). The Significance of Extreme sports: A Qualitative Analysis, ICPESS conference, India, November 16th-18th

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Sharma-Brymer, V., Fox, C., & Brymer, E. (2008) Educated Indian women’s experiences of education and human capabilities: A location of challenges and hopes. Peer reviewed paper in Conference of the Human Development and Capability Association: Equality, Inclusion and Human Development. 2008 New Delhi, 10-13 September.

Brymer, E. (2006). Extreme sports: Theorising participation – a challenge for phenomenology, ORIC research series,

Brymer, E. (2002). Teamwork and spiritual values. A peer reviewed paper presented at the 5th Annual Spirituality, Leadership and Management Conference, Creating and Honouring Connection. Gold Coast, Australia.

Research reports

Brymer, E. (contributor). Editors: Ece Ozdemiroglu and Rosie Hails (2016) Demystifying Economic Valuation Paper. Valuing Nature Programme.

Tower, J., Craig, M. and Brymer, E. (2009) Improving Learning in the Workplace and Community Experiences in the VU Sport and Recreation Courses. Victoria University, Melbourne

Pearce, P.L., Murphy, L. and Brymer, E. (2009) Evolution of the backpacker market and the potential for Australian tourism. CRC for Sustainable Tourism Pty Ltd, Gold Coast, Australia

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Brymer, G. E., (2005) Extreme dude! A phenomenological perspective on the extreme sport experience, PhD thesis, Faculties of Education and Psychology, University of Wollongong, 2005.

Brymer, E. (2000) Psychology report: A study of the interaction of an integrated team whilst completing a four-month river expedition in India. In Ganges 1998-1999, Brunel University, Design for Life.